Oreos: An Addiction


I relish my Double Stuf Oreos, which, according to the latest reports, is commensurate with cocaine in their addictive power—prompting, as they do, pleasure-center neurons to discharge with the same vigor as hardcore drugs. Puzzling. I consume a pair of the cookies, then stop. My tummy and neural make-up are completely sated. What to do!? An Oreo drops from the bag—its thick, ivory cream center flipping onto the bacteria-ladened sidewalk. I quickly pick up the cookie and, instead of tossing it into my frothy and quivering mouth, place it deeply into the garbage can (Chocolate is toxic to birdies and kitties). I gaze at the safely deposited detritus and wait for the tremors to commence. And then the delirium. But there is neither. Not a single, minuscule crack in my placid demeanor—proving, I suppose, that I can “Just say no” and “No problem” with interchangeable fervor.

(photo courtesy of Ismael Tato Rodriguez)