Nurse Ivy


In an unfortunate tricycle accident, my five year old son broke his elbow. The break was severe enough to require surgery, and an overnight hospital stay.

Upon our return home, we were to give him pain medication. His overnight medication was a stronger medicine to help him sleep. The second evening, I was dosing out his medicine. My son approached me and commented, “I like it better when Ivy gives me my medicine.”

My first thought, ”Who is Ivy?” I assumed she was a nurse at the hospital. I was very sleep deprived for his hospital stay and could have very easily missed that detail. So, I continued preparing the medication. I gave him the dose. Once again he comments, ”Ivy’s medicine was much better!”

Ok, I realize I am not a nurse, but how can I be so much worse at this than Ivy? I then asked, “Ivy was a great nurse, huh?” At this, he looks at me very confused. Then, he laughed at the thought of Ivy being a nurse.

He grabbed my hand and put it on the sore, where his I.V. had been. I had a whole new respect, for either his pain tolerance or for how bad his medication tasted, as he would rather have an I.V. than take his horrid medication. Even though she is so good at giving medication, we hope to keep all I.V.’s out of our family’s immediate future.

(photo courtesy of Sira Anamwong/