Katie had a great idea for hiding her valuables while visiting the beach. She was sure it would work! But unfortunately, the idea worked too well.

Not So Genius Idea


I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. It can make you look totally awesome. Hello, pumpkin-shaped cake for my daughter’s Halloween party. I got a lot of likes on that one. But it can also make you feel like a total idiot; ike the travel pillows for the car that fell apart and turned into a huge ‘fluff’ fight. Well I thought I found a winner, one of those moments when you look at a ‘pin’ and you think “Genius!”

Now, I can see how it was meant to work. The idea is, you’re at the beach. You don’t want to leave car keys, money, etc. in plain view. In fact, you really don’t want to bring your handbag to leave it sitting in the sand and amongst potential thieves. So, (and this is a genius part) you get a clean diaper, put all your valuables inside and wrap it up like your 18 month old left a present. Who is going to touch a stinky diaper?

Well I was congratulating myself on being a savvy mom, totally informed in the ‘new ways’ of doing things. So off I trot down to the water to play with the kids, relaxed in knowing all my valuables are wrapped up in a fake stinky diaper. After awhile, I headed back to the towels and noticed somebody had tidied up, actually it was my six year old daughter, I thanked her and she looked pleased with herself for cleaning up our picnic lunch without being asked.

I laid down and decided to take a little nap as all seemed right with the world… which lasted about ten seconds when I realized I did not see the fake stinky diaper. I called my daughter over to ask what she did with the fake stinky diaper, she looked confused as if to say, “Of course I threw away the dirty diaper, Mom.” She said it was gross that I just left it sitting there.

ARRHGGG! Next time, remember to inform all family members of my ‘so called’ genius ideas. My husband spent the next ten minutes searching through the trash can. I can definitely say he is not a fan of Pinterest and quivers with fear when I announce my next ‘genius’ idea.

(photo courtesy of Bierchen/Dreamstime.com)