New York…A City of Halves and Halve Nots

6.5 Avenue

Midtown Manhattan can be a very intimidating place to navigate through.  When I first moved to the city from the ‘burbs, my father, a Queens native, tried to boost my confidence as much as he could.

“New York City streets are really just a grid,” he explained.  “It’s almost impossible to get lost!”

He went on to explain how the streets are numbered chronologically from North to South, while the same goes for the avenues, only they run from East to West.  Sounds easy enough, right?

“There’s only one tricky part,” he warned.   “After Third Avenue, it goes Lexington Ave, Park Ave, Madison Ave, then Fifth Avenue, then Sixth Avenue, then Broadway, then Seventh Avenue, Eight Avenue, etc.”


“This doesn’t sound like a grid to me!” I retorted.

Eventually, after a few months of getting lost, I managed to figure it out.  Turns out my dad was right, as usual.  Despite a few exceptions, it really is, pretty much, just a grid.

At least, that’s what I thought, until my friend snapped this photo of “Sixth and a Half Avenue.”  Good thing my dad never tried explaining this to me.  Anyone else think it reminds them of something straight out of Harry Potter?  In the series, Platform 9 3/4 of King’s Cross Station magically transports young wizards and witches from the “muggle” world into the magical one.  Crossing over, however, requires one to suspend their better judgment, and run straight into the brick platform.  New York City is a magical place, but I strongly discourage anyone from trying to run through Sixth and a Half Avenue at full speed.

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