The Royal Baby: A Q&A With The Smiles For All Team

Image of baby with a crownJuly 23, 2013, 2:22pm EST– Prince William, future Kind of England, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to a baby boy yesterday at 4:24 UK time. The Royal Couple has yet to announce the name of their first child, a new heir to the throne.

Here are our answers to some questions that we think are on folks’ minds.

1) What should William and Kate name their new son?

The Royal couple has not asked our advice on naming their son, and nor do we expect they will. However, if they do reach out, here is the thought process we will share with them.

The Big Milkshake has always thought that it would be cool to have a cat, and name it Rover or Spot. Now we do not think that Rover or Spot is a good name for a royal baby, but we do like going against the grain. So we would encourage picking a name that is both perhaps is a bit out of the ordinary (so the boy can feel unique) and yet one that also evokes tradition. For example, a name that has substantial royal tradition and is a top-50 name, is Henry.

But instead of using Henry, we would recommend Prince Hank.

2) When I am invited to meet Prince Hank, what’s the perfect baby gift?

Finding the perfect baby gift is always complicated. Our view is you can never go wrong with a rubber ducky. All babies love rubber ducky’s yellow and orange colors. And as Ernie sings on Sesame Street in the “Rubber Ducky” song, “you make bath time lots of fun…”

As of the time of this Q&A, you can click here to buy a dozen rubber duckies for $7.68 + free shipping at Amazon + perhaps tax depending upon where you live.

Not counting tax, that’s $.64 a duck, quite a bargain if you ask us. You might ask, why buy a dozen? We’ll answer your question with a question. How many bathrooms do you think the royal baby will be bathed in?

3) When will Prince Hank be toilet-trained?

As along as it happens (which basically it always does), does it really matter?

We’ll share a quick story with you. We know a child who stayed in diapers longer than most.  The parents figured when the child got to nursery school, the lack of children in diapers would motivate the child in question to end the diaper phase of life. The child came home from the first day of nursery school and announced: “I met this really cool kid in school today. We’re the only kids still in diapers.” Ugh… But no worries; both kids were soon out of diapers.

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