You or Your Needle!

I dread cold and flu season. It is not because I fear getting sick, but because there always seems to be someone who is trying to come at you with a needle.

I can’t take the flu vaccine because I am allergic to eggs. My reaction to the vaccine was worse than the one time I actually caught the flu. It is in my medical file.

One day, I had a doctor’s appointment. I was also babysitting a child. This wasn’t unusual. This particular cousin was with me more than he was at home. I didn’t think anything about taking him to the appointment because he went everywhere else with me. He was extremely well behaved at only three.

The doctor had hired a new nurse since my last appointment. She walked into the room, looked at my chart, and announced that she was going to give me a flu shot. My cousin, ever the protector, threw his little body in between me and the nurse.

“Oh no you are not!” He yelled. “I don’t know you OR your needle!”

The nurse was so surprised she kind of stammered, “w-what?”

Then he says, “I’m going to need you to step away from what is mine, and show me a license or something.”

He then pushed her out of the room and slam​med​ the door. ​H​e​ stopped,​ opened it again, pulled the doctor into the room, and slammed the door again. He then walked over and patted my arm.

“Don’t worry, she won’t be back. Besides, I KNOW this guy has a license.”

I looked over at my doctor in equal amounts of surprise and embarrassment. He’s sitting in the chair in the corner laughing. Needless to say, my cousin did not accompany me to anymore appointments.

(photo courtesy of Vlad Ivantcov/