We Need to Find Your Mommy


A few years back I learned a parenting trick from a seasoned mom that I will never forget.

It took place at one of my many cousin’s weddings; a wedding that had a large number of guests. At this time, I did not have any kids, but both my sisters had children as well as some of my other cousins who were in attendance. Most of these kids were under four at the time. After the ceremony and before dinner was served, there was a cocktail hour. We all got our drinks and sat around chatting and looking at all the kids playing around on the soon-to-be-dance floor.

Suddenly from across the room, I saw one of my cousins stride through the cocktail line and bee-line it for the cake. Obviously, I was curious as to what she was doing. So I leaned over in my chair just in time to see her bending over and picking up her two year old son who was fist deep into the gargantuan cake. My hand went up over my mouth to hide my laughter. However, she surprised me. As she grabbed his cake covered hand and pulled him away, she loudly scolded him saying, “We need to find your mommy!”

Wow. It was quick-thinking at its best and a lesson to be remembered. When your child does something embarrassing in public, do not claim them as your own– go find their ‘”Mommy”.

(photo courtesy of Antholpody/Dreamstime.com)