Naturally Gifted Runner


I hadn’t seen a friend much over the summer, so when I bumped into her in the library I noticed how much weight she had lost. I told her how amazing she looked and asked what magical potion she had used.

Apparently, all she was doing was running.  ‘What? That’s it??’ I couldn’t believe it, running actually works!  No Hollywood diet, no magic pill. Just plain ol’ running.  I had been hanging onto a few pounds since having my fourth kiddo so I thought, ‘If she can do it, I can do it’.

Now, I have never been much of a long distance runner… actually it was safe to say I hated running. I ran around my block and it hurt so bad I wanted to vomit. But, to give myself credit, I kept up with it.  Eventually, once I saw the weight dropping off, I began to enjoy my running sessions.  I wanted to start tracking how far I was running.

My husband had a running tracking device and so I switched on the gadget and off I ran. I trusted this little run keeper explicitly and because I had never been a runner I assumed that my pace and distance was average. I shared with a friend how I was doing. I told her my pace and time and she looked at me in amazement. She was so impressed that she shared my results with her husband- a long distance runner who had been running for many years- and I was faster than him!

As news travelled and word was spread about how fast I was at running a 5K, I started to think that maybe I was perhaps this gifted runner.  But, with all this praise and attention, it was safe to say that it was time for me to be knocked down a peg or two.

You see, I was a victim of lying technology. I started to become suspicious of all the amazement, apparently 3 miles in 17 minutes is not an average time for a beginner. Go figure. So I took my technology to the track to test it. I then learned the horrible truth: my running gadget had been lying the whole time! The betrayal was devastating, and I thought about all the people I would have to explain this to- especially the seasoned runners who wanted me as their running partner.

My gadget was so far off I swore never to use it again. I thought I was running a 5K in 17 minutes, when it real life, it took me 32 minutes. I was brave and began to tell the embarrassing truth, and it actually became funny.  I couldn’t tell someone what happened without gasping for breath because I was laughing so hard.

Now, I continue to run and actually really enjoy it. Technology still lies to me, and it’s hard to trust again once you have been betrayed.  But, I have learned to love running for the joy of it rather than for the numbers.

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