Nathen and His Diapers


Nathen, my grandson, was barely a year old. I was the designated diaper changer as he and his older brother and sister were living with me and my wife at the time. One day, I caught him pulling on his diaper. I asked him, “Do you need your diaper changed?”

He nodded. Smart kid.

I said, “Grab a diaper and lie down on the floor.”

He did. No fuss. That should have been a clue.

He handed me one of the clean diapers he had retrieved from the diaper bag as I started to remove the one he had on. Before I could get the diaper fully open, he was giggling like a hyena. Much to my surprise, the diaper he had on was clean and dry. The little booger had played a practical joke on me. I’ve kept my eye on him ever since.

(photo courtesy of Kitchner Bain/