Nathen and the Bicycles


While working one day at my home office I heard a commotion outside. I decided to open the front door and see what was going on. My three grandchildren were visiting and were outside playing.

I caught them in the front yard where they were not supposed to be. Their play area is the back yard. But it was amusing to find them in the situation they were in.

Both of the bigger kids – Dylan, age 10, and Savannya, age 9 – were holding their bicycles upright and yelling at Nathen, age 5. Nathen had hold of both ends of a jump rope that traveled from his hands through the leg bars of each of the bikes. Dylan and Savannya both had the most puzzled looks on their faces as if they had no clue how to get their bikes from from Nathen’s evil grasp.

All I could do was laugh. I yelled at Nathen to drop to the rope. He did.

When I went outside to scold the other two for letting him trap them and to tell them to get back to where they belong, after unraveling the rope from their bicycles, I heard Nathen entering the front door of the house and yelling to his Grammy, “I got ’em, Grammy.” He was laughing so hard.

(photo courtesy of Oleksandr Pekur/