Naked Grandma (It’s Not What You Might Think) And Other Favorite TV Moments [Video]


December 21, 2013—My Dear Secret Diary.  I met somebody a couple of days ago who may like TV more than me.  And that’s not  easy.

A seatmate on a plane trip, she was continuously laughing out loud while watching cartoons on the seat back TV in front of her.  I estimate that she was roughly 35 years old.

I confess that one of my first impulses was to ponder if she was perhaps a tad too old for cartoons.  Then it occurred to me that if I had the opportunity to watch episodes of Get Smart, starring Don Adams as Maxwell Smart, Control Agent 86, and Barbara Feldman as Agent 99, I’d be all over it.  Same with Gilligan’s Island and my three favorite movies: Caddyshack, The Naked Gun, and Animal House.

So, I began to reflect on some of my favorite TV moments, some of which I’ve been able to apply in every day life.

1) From Get Smart:

This was my favorite TV series growing up (might still be)!  I would basically convulse in laughter from beginning to end of an episode.  My sister also loved watching it with me; she wasn’t crazy about the show, but apparently she loved watching me watch it.

Still, for me, one moment in the series stands above the rest.  In this particular episode, “Widow Orphan Annie”, a beautiful Kaos agent (the enemy) marries and kills twelve Control agents on their wedding nights.  In planning how gather evidence and then capture her; The Chief, Max, and a reluctant Agent 99 develop a plan for Max to marry the Kaos agent:

Chief: The moment she tries to kill him [referring to Max], we’ll have her for attempted murder.

Agent 99: But what if she kills him before you get there to stop her?

Chief: Then we’ll have her for murder.

Max: That’s even better, 99, it’s tough to beat a murder rap!

2) From Friends:

In this series, it is the totally goofy Phoebe (and Chandler) who cracks me up the most.   In one episode, she pronounces  “401k” as “40wunk.”

The moment I heard this, I terminated my 401k and set up a 40wunk.

3) From Big Bang Theory:

In one episode, Sheldon has another wacky idea and is accused by one of his friends of being “insane”.   He vehemently, and I think successful denies the accusation by offering as evidence,  “No I’m not; my mom tested me.”

I have plenty of opportunity to use this line.  (I can say it Diary, you can’t.)

4) From Seinfeld:

In the “Stakeout” episode, after flirting with a women a bit,

Jerry: “Do you date immature men?”

Woman: “Almost exclusively”

If I were still single, this is exactly the kind of woman I’d need to meet.

5) From Family Feud:

My dear Secret Diary, it’s less than a minute in all, and the first 20 seconds may be my favorite 20 seconds in the history of television.  Kudos to both contestants and host Steve Harvey!

Diary, for folks who have abandoned TV in favor of worldly pleasure like Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the Internet, I hope moments like these can encourage them to reunite with their televisions.  If not, I am sure my Microwave Side Chat  “Give TV A Chance” will do the trick.