Mystery Booger

DSC00091On Friday nights my family and I would go out to a restaurant for dinner.  This particular week had been extremely stressful, and we were all very excited to go out.  We parked in the lot of the restaurant, and my husband and three children piled out of the car, hustling their way to go eat until my middle son, Sean, sneezed. It was one of those big, productive sneezes that amasses to a long, slimy booger.

As any mother would, I immediately went into my purse and pulled out a tissue to wipe the booger from Sean’s face.  But turning back to him I noticed the booger was gone.  I was in shock…. where was the booger??

I scanned and rescanned my son over and over, but to no avail.  Meanwhile, my husband and 2 other kids bounced around eagerly behind me, “Let’s go! Let’s just go!”  I knew the booger had to be somewhere, and began scanning the parking lot floor.  It was too big of a booger to just disappear!

Eventually my husband took the remaining two kids into the restaurant, while I feverishly looked everywhere for the booger.  Eventually I gave up, and double-checking that Sean and I were booger-free, walked into the restaurant.

My husband and the other kids were already sitting at the table, and when I sat down with them I starting laughing hysterically.  There was the booger, sitting directly across from me, on my husband’s forehead! Mystery solved.