My Kid’s Bedtime Routine


Children make some of the most unforgettable moments for parents.

My life is dotted with unforgettable moments – especially after fatherhood, and it’s amazing how I still remember each little detail of my two children growing up. The times they got sick, their birthdays, their first time they lost a tooth… the collection of memories is inexhaustible.

Unfortunately, I needed to migrate to another country to work, leaving my two kids behind to my wife. Every single day I lament the memories I’ve lost by being away from them.

But one thing I will never forget centers around a simple habit we cultivated. Since my kids were very young, we had one daily ritual. Every night, before going to bed, I would sit with them for about half an hour and we would just chat. Our conversations would begin with ‘Tell me…’, ‘Why is…?’, ‘Do you know what happened today?’ and playing around with random jokes.

But always, always, it would end with the children asking me to recount one of their childhood stories. On several occasions their favorites were repeated. Despite the fact that most of them had been repeated so often that they always pipe in the words with me when I came to an important part. We never get bored of them.

After two years living away and seeing them only once a year, I miss so many things. Simple things like not being there for their school parent-teacher meeting or fussing over them when they caught cold. However, every time my mind conjures up bad memories, I switch it to the most precious ones I hold dear to my heart – our bedtime stories.

Kid 1: Why do I have stomachaches?

Me: Well, you should never leave it EMPTY.

Kid 2: You always have headaches dad!

Me: No, that’s a different story!!!

*cue in the happy family laugh*