Mrs. Robinson

ID-10045537It was the early seventies and my sister, Mary, was teaching at Yale University.  She had just received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and agreed to stay on to teach in the program.  Not long after she started teaching, Mary met a woman who would go on to become one of her closest peers and friends.  Her name was Rachel Robinson. Rachel was a soft-spoken woman from California, who had just begun teaching at the Yale School of Nursing.  They met at a university-wide faculty event and hit it off in no time.

About a year into their friendship, Mary made her first visit to Rachel’s house.  What was supposed to be a quick “hello” would turn into one of the most memorable experience’s of my sister’s life.  When Mary got to the house, Rachel’s husband greeted her at the door.  Mary, realizing they had never met, introduced herself as he invited her inside.  The house was stunningly beautiful.  As my sister looked around, however, she noticed baseball memorabilia everywhere.

“Wow!” she exclaimed.  “Somebody here must really love baseball!”

“That would be me,” Rachel’s husband managed to get out through an outburst of laughter.  “Nice to meet you.  I’m Jackie Robinson.”

Needless to say, my sister was shocked!  Rachel had never, ever mentioned that her husband was the Jackie Robinson.  Mary would remain lifelong friends with Rachel and eventually become close with the entire Robinson family, including Jackie.  He even referred to Mary and himself as “founding members of the Rachel Robinson fan club!”

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