A Second Grade Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day was always a big deal as a little kid.  In second grade, all the moms were invited to come into school on their special day and hear poems that their children had written for them.  In class, we had just learned about similes, and were all eager to show off our new poetic skills. The first girl got up and told the class that her mother was “prettier than a flower.”  This got a great response from all the moms.    This was followed by “You’re sweeter than sugar,” “warmer than a blanket,”…you get the picture.  Finally, it was my turn.

“I love my mom,” I declared, “because she is saltier than salt.”  Needless to say, this was met with confusion and laughter from the parents (but mostly confusion).  I’ve always loved salty snacks, and thought I was paying my mom a huge compliment!  I think my friend Jimmy one-upped me though, when he affectionately told his mother she was “colder than ice.”  Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!