Mommy’s Gold Star


I went along with my sister to my niece’s school. They had performed an endearing play about the planets orbiting the “big, golden Sun.” And we had watched and clapped and laughed at all the kids dressed up in their little outfits. Afterwards we were shown around the school by the children. My niece was very excited about this. She was mostly excited about showing us the gold star board, where she had collected, for good behavior and work, ten gold star stickers. She seemed to think the whole system was a fantastic way to do things and suggested that there should be one at home.

“You get a chocolate when you reach ten stars,” she said. “That’s how it works. I got mine today.”

“That’s great!” I said.

“At home we could have prizes too,” said my niece, “a chocolate for me and a chocolate for Daddy.”

“And what about Mommy?” my sister asked.

Her daughter thought about this for a while and then said, “Wine for Mommy.”