Mini Pancakes

IMG_1094When I was a little girl, every Father’s Day would entail us kids waking up early and cooking dad a nice, big breakfast. And when I say “cooking”, I mean my brothers and I would sleepily and ignorantly roam around the kitchen while my mom did just about everything (and then gave us the credit which we proudly took. We did wake up early, after all).

One Father’s Day, when I was probably around 6, my mom and I were cooking pancakes. I was “helping” my mom scoop the runny batter from the bowl into the frying pan. My little arms weren’t as quick as mom’s, though, and I created a trail of little batter drips across the pan.

Whoever’s idea it was I can’t remember, but about 2 seconds later, we flipped the drips, or what were now our teeny-tiny flapjacks, and about 2 seconds after that, we stacked them up on my dad’s plate.

When my dad came downstairs, we were all sitting around the table, stacks of plump, steamy pancakes on each of our plates. My brothers and I couldn’t hold in our excited giggles as my dad looked down at his itsy-bitsy stack and made comically exaggerated sad face.

We all laughed and laughed, and eventually Dad got the big stack of pancakes he deserved. But it’s been a tradition ever since to always make a tiny stack out of the drips, and serve it to dad.

We used to call them mini pancakes, but now we call them the “diet stack” (aka the stack you eat BEFORE you eat the full-calorie, full-fat version. That’s how diets work, right?)


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