Meeting My Best Friend

best friend

It was my first day in the 1st grade, and as a kid I was scared of the new environment. I had it so easy in preschool I mean there where naps, toys, and not that much school work to be done.

My teacher was very nice, but I still didn’t have a feel from how the students would be. Maybe because they where new faces, or maybe because I was cranky from not taking a nap. Either way I went through the day listening to the teacher, and not paying much mind to the other students in my class.

After awhile of studies the teacher finally told us to take our lunch, and to feel free to read a book or talk amongst each other. It seemed that all the kids in the class paired up, and I was left alone. I decided to grab a book about animals, and play the quite cool guy in the corner of the room.

Browsing through the book I saw an animal that I had never seen before. It was a porcupine, and I giggled at the spikes that covered its body. Almost right after seeing the porcupine, I noticed a boy sitting by himself with spikey hair. for some reason, and I still don’t know what brought me to do this, I approached the spikey haired boy with the picture of the porcupine, my juice box, and a smile.

I walked over to him, and pointed at the picture of the porcupine, and asked if this was his ”Uncle Porky”. You know, because they both had spikes. We both stayed silent for a moment, and then busted with uncontrollable laughter.

We where laughing so loud, and for so long that the rest of the class took notice, and headed in our direction. Before the other class mates reached I noticed the spikey haired boy ( his name is Jade) peed himself from laughing.

I saw the look of embarrassment in his eyes, and new that this is not how he wanted to start his school career. With out even thinking I began to throw my juice box on him, getting his entire body soaked.

At first, Jade looked confused, but then realized I was doing this to help him, and a smile crested over his face.

I got a week of detention for that, but I also got my best friend, who I am still close with, and will always be ready to help, if he pees himself in public again.