The Marathon Hog


In the fall of 2011, I opted to run my first marathon. It was a gorgeous fall day, ideal for running. It was actually going smoothly, considering I was 37, and trying this for the first time. Many experienced runners warned me about hitting a wall, usually around mile 20.  I was prepared for fatigue, muscle aches, and dehydration. What I was not prepared for was a 7 foot stuffed pig…..which is exactly what I saw around mile 20. He was indeed running the course.

My first thought: Oxygen deprivation is definitely messing with my brain, as I am hallucinating. As I ran closer, it was indeed a large, pink pig. He was running with his own entourage. As it turned out, the pig was a mascot for a local baseball team. He was attempting to break the marathon’s record as the fastest mascot to ever finish the race.

I did repeat the race in 2012. At mile 20, I was surveying for any oversized, stuffed life stock: no such luck. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity!