How To Make Customer Service Interactions More Fun, Part II

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December 6. 2014– Dear Secret Diary, continuing last week’s discussion on how to add fun and spice to customer service interactions, I thought I’d share some more of my favorite responses to, “How can I help you?”   

— “I’d like to be taller.” Usually, the customer service representative feels the same way.  We often share a further chuckle when I point that President Abraham Lincoln would likely have answered  the question, “How tall should a person be” by saying, “Long enough for his legs to reach the ground.”

— When ordering at a restaurant, I like to ask for “one of everything please.”  A quick wink and a big smile then go a long way.

— When making a reservation or asking for a table at a restaurant, I like to ask for a table in the jacuzzi/hot-tub section.

— This last idea often hits the mark at Fed Ex, UPS, the post Office, and other comparable places.  I’ll ask, “My teenager is getting on my nerves a bit these days.  How much would it cost to ship my angelic bundle of joy deep into the Amazon jungle or some other place where it will not be so easy for him to get back from right away?”  The service person and I do tend to bond rather easily after this question…although the cost of shipping people to the Amazon is too high.

To be continued…

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