The Lost Tooth


With your first child, every event is momentous. Case and point- losing their first tooth. I was so excited I nearly cried.Obviously I was calling and telling all the family and let’s not forget the all-important status update on Facebook.

I carefully placed the tiny tooth that held the last speck of cute little preschooler and glanced over at the slightly grubby and gappy toothed kindergartner who was no longer interested in hugs from his mommy but would rather sit and play Mario-Kart. Sigh.  Its okay, because tonight will be his first visit from the tooth fairy!

So my husband comes home. I get the kids bathed and ready for bed while he tidies up the kitchen. The kids are tucked in bed and I needed the tooth to put under my sons pillow. Hang on one tiny minute. The tooth is gone. The counter-tops are shiny and smelling great but there is no tiny tooth sitting near the sink where I placed it a few hours earlier. Freak out mode is about to commence, but before it does I will give my husband a chance to explain. He explained while I tried to hold back the tears. You see, we had RICE for dinner and he mistakenly thought that the tiny tooth was a piece of rice sitting on the counter-top when he wiped it down after dinner.

In a wild eyed frenzy, I demanded that my husband go through the garbage and find that tooth so that we can claim back our happy memory of how I visioned it in my head… Digging through the garbage was not part of the happy memory I had already planned. But it is a memory; one that will never be forgotten. And yes we did find the tooth, sitting safely next to a pile of rice that my two year old had catapulted to the floor. And yes, the tooth fairy came so in my son’s eyes it was a perfect memory, and really isn’t that what’s most important?

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