Lost in Thought

Boy Looks out window

When our two boys were younger, my wife and I worked opposite shifts to save on daycare costs. I was fortunate enough to be home during the day when they were most active. We enjoyed a lot of new experiences together that may otherwise have been shared with a complete stranger.

One day while eating lunch, I noticed my four-year-old, Alex, staring out the window. He sat motionless in a pensive daze, completely transfixed on something in the backyard. I looked out there to see what was so captivating. Nothing in particular caught my eye. I turned back to him and he was still mesmerized. His mouth was gaped open and he held an empty spoon as he settled into an almost trance-like state.

I looked outside again…maybe there was a squirrel in the big oak tree or an airplane in the distance. There was nothing but a few leaves falling to the ground. Then it occurred to me that at his age, that was fascinating in itself. I watched him as he fell deeper into thought and tried to follow along what must be going through his mind. The colors of the leaves, the way they floated so easily to the ground, how the branches swayed in unison with the breeze. It was a very poignant moment as I watched my son so peacefully contemplating the wonders of nature, perhaps for the first time.

Suddenly he snapped out of it. He glanced towards me with a perplexed look on his face and said, “Mom’s got a wallet?”

(photo of window courtesy of Keerati/freedigitalphotos.net)