Law and Mail Order


The line at the post office was endless, and I was in a huge rush.  Luckily for me, there was a police officer in charge to “keep the peace” amongst the chaos.

“If you need anything stamped come with me!” He ordered.

That was precisely the reason I was there, schlepping a big stack of mail that needed postage.   Thrilled to get off the line, I quickly stepped forward.

“Come over here,” the lawman  shouted, as he pointed and walked towards a small desk in the corner.

“Lay out everything you need stamped,” He instructed.   Lethargic after a long day at the office, I took my sweet time.

“Come on, come on,” The officer demanded, “spread ‘em!”

“Not for nothing,” I replied calmly, “but the last time a police officer told me to spread ‘em, he wasn’t talking about postage.”

Even the sternest of officers couldn’t help but crack a smile, as we both enjoyed a Milkshake Moment!

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