Lady With The Magic Hands

farmers market
Last year, my husband and I had a bakery that sold heart healthy dessert breads like pumpkin bread, zucchini bread, sweet potato bread and banana bread, to name a few. For exposure, we went to local farmers markets and naturally I gave out samples for potential customers to try. What we didn’t expect was the way the kids really embraced our breads.

Every week I found myself using more and more breads to make samples because the kids that came to the farmers markets would run up to our table as soon as we were set up and grab handfuls of our bread samples. I was so happy that the kids loved my breads, but I was also concerned that I would run out of samples before paying customers had a chance to sample our breads. I didn’t know what to do.

There were so many kids and adults, it was hard to keep track, but I did manage to remember a few faces from week to week. Then one day, I see one of my favorite customers walking up to my booth with a kid, who turned out to be her son. The mom started to tell me a fun story about how her son didn’t like to eat vegetables, yet he loved my breads. At first, she told me that she didn’t tell him what was in the breads, but when she did, she said he was so surprised that I could make the vegetables taste so good. As she shared the story, her son couldn’t have been more embarrassed, that is until she asked him to tell me what he said when they first arrived at the farmer’s market. He was too shy to repeat what he said in front of me so the mom told me instead. She said that when her son saw me standing in the booth he pointed to me and said, “Look mom, there’s the lady with magic hands!”  I couldn’t help but laugh; it was the cutest thing anyone had ever said to me at the farmer’s market and still is.

(photo courtesy of Ziprashantzi)