Potty Trained

potty trained

Is anyone else suspicious when a two year old is quiet?  Suddenly, all you can hear in the house is the clock ticking… and you KNOW they are up to something…

So, I tiptoed up the stairs,  just in case my two year old was simply playing quietly, and there he was in his sister’s room playing with her pricey, brand-spanking-new Barbie doll house. Now, my little one had just been potty trained and he thought that he was being rather clever when he told me he had just been to the potty.

Please. No.

Oh, Yes.

He had just gone pee in the smallest potty in the world: Barbie’s fancy deluxe bathroom that actually makes a flushing noise when you close the lid. And he was being a gentleman in that he did close the lid after he peed AND he didn’t splash! My hero.  He was so proud of himself, bless his heart. It was funny the first time. But not the second, and definitely not the third.