Where Are My Keys?


We all know the feeling of our first love. The type of love that when you meet in the Shopko parking lot after work to take an late afternoon swim you seem to float out of your car into his and never look back.

Well, ten or so years ago, this was me and my soon to be husband. After work, we decided to take a swim at the lake and meet at Shopko where we left my car and took his new truck. I parked it at the very back of the parking lot under the only tree there to keep it cool in the shade. After all, it was pushing 100 degrees and when you have a 1991 Honda Accord without air conditioning, you have to think of these things.

After we went swimming, he invited me to his parents house where we had dinner and played games. Next, my dad invited us over to his house to get dessert while taking a ride in his 1966 red convertible Mustang. As we were enjoying our ice cream, my future husband asked me where my keys were so we could be dropped off at my car and I could give him a ride home. Scrambling, I shuffled through my purse and could not find my keys anywhere. After thinking through all the places we had been that afternoon and night, they could be anywhere. We decided to start at my car since that was the last time I saw them.

And it turned out, they had never left. As we pulled into the parking lot, there sat my little brown beauty, running and unlocked. In my excitement, I had jumped out of my car, leaving it not only unlocked, but running. Being the amazing Japanese wonder that she was, my gas gauge had not dipped in the over five hours I was gone. Remarkably, it wasn’t stolen and also given the heat index, she didn’t even over heat. We were able to jump right in, and drive home. Laughing our hinies off the entire way.

(photo courtesy of Arvind Balaraman/Freedigitalphotos.net)

Smiles For All