Just Another Show, Right?!


I was 17 at the time, and I had just broken into the comedy world doing stand up comedy. I only had two shows under my belt, but with those two shows another comedian saw me and asked if I would like to do a show for him at a local bar.

He told me that he couldn’t pay me, but that he would pick up my bar tab for the night (not knowing I was 17).  I made up another deal in which I asked for an order of wings rather than some beer. Confused, he agreed, and the calendar was set for the show.

At this time my parents didn’t know that I was doing stand up comedy and, still in high school and living in their house, I had to play by their rules. This meant I had to let them know where I was at all times and call them to check in. I told my parents that I would be staying at a friends house late watching movies, when in reality I’d be at a dive bar attempting to make drunk people laugh.

I go to the bar that the show is at and to my surprise there is a bouncer standing outside. I put my head down and attempt to walk by him fast but he grabbed my arm and asked for my ID. I explained that I was not 21, but was in the comedy show, and had to get in there to do my time. He goes off claiming that is the lamest thing he has ever heard and he knows I just want to get drunk. Finally, after minutes of arguing the guy that booked me on the show comes out and tells the bouncer that I am actually a comedian on the show. The only way I was able to perform was by wearing a neon yellow band around my wrist saying ‘Under 21’.

I get in and almost instantly the show starts.  I am up on stage doing what I love: stand up comedy. To my surprise there were a lot of people at the bar, and they were enjoying my set and laughing like hyenas.

Half way through a group of very drunk women stumbled to the back of the bar.  I continued to do my jokes until the group of women began to heckle me. As a comedian, it is my job to make it clear that I am the funny one and they are interrupting the show. I did so, and one of the women screamed out my name in distress. It turned out that woman was my mother! She had gone out with her girlfriends for a ladies night and had a couple of drinks. Needless to say, that night I got the wings I was promised, a couple of new fans, and was grounded by my mother for language and not being where I said I would be.

(photo courtesy of phanlop88/ freedigitalphotos.net)