Job Celebration


I was excited as I had just applied for an awesome job. I called to confirm they had received my application and actually got to speak to one of the hiring managers. They sounded positive about my application and so I convinced myself I was perfect for the position.

I was in an upbeat mood, so I cranked up the radio and began singing in my best Celine Dion impression the song we all know and love, “My Heart Will Go On”. I may or may not have succeeded in hitting all the high notes… If I did it was not very well. But I was definitely putting my heart and soul into this song.

The song came to an end, and I gave a satisfied sigh. How could this day possibly get better? A nearly guaranteed job and an awesome ballad on the radio, what luck! Then I heard the clapping and possibly snickering as I realized in horror that in my excitement, I forgot to lock my phone keypad, and I accidentally hit the re-dial button to my last call… my future place of work. Not only had someone picked up the phone, but they kindly put it on speaker phone so the office staff could all be entertained. They were polite enough to clap at the end, but I never did find out if they wanted an encore because they never called me back.

(photo courtesy of Vera08/