An Ironically Cool Shirt

Cool Shirt

March 28, 2015– Dear Secret Diary, when it comes to cool shirts…….     

I really doubt that the other shirt this fellow has in mind is as cool as this one, because I think this one is really awesome.

But I sure would like to see the other shirt.

By the way Diary, do you have any idea how cool the man thinks the shirt he’s wearing is?  All we know for sure is that he thinks it is less cool than something that is “really cool.”  Which means it could be quite cool and not cool at all.

Also, is the quotation, clearly spoken by the fellow, part of the shirt or not?  I have been assuming it is, and thus why I think it such a cool shirt.

But if in fact the quotation is just “on the shirt,” and not part of the shirt, then all we have is a plain, blue shirt…boring.

But I don’t think this is the case.