Intern Road Trip

InternRoadTripSFAI have worked and worked as an intern. As a college student, I knew when to laugh at a boss’ bad jokes just in case it helped (heads up: it does) and who to befriend because they would teach me how to refill the copier paper. Now that I supervise interns, I refrain from asking for what would actually be most helpful because often those tasks are “get coffee” or “remove staples”.

Last summer, I had to travel for business from New York City to Albany. Six interns (known in the wild as “a gaggle”) who had just started were assigned to come with me. I rented a car for seven – picture the van from Silence of the Lambs – to lurch my newest team members upstate. I’ll concede driving in NYC is an acquired skill, but I was pretty certain I had long acquired it when I saw six pairs of hands simultaneously buckling up in my rear view mirror.  I love road trips.

“Have you ever driven one of these before?” a newbie asked, perhaps hitting puberty as he spoke. “Actually, I’ve never driven before,” I lied. If you’ve never felt real power, try making six people who want a job think they’re in danger.

I could only keep up the charade until the first rest stop, but nonetheless one intern did choose to take the train home for a “prior engagement.”

I’ve always assumed he went straight to the DMV to look up my license and registration. Even though he didn’t laugh at my bad jokes all summer, I may have to hire him out of guilt.


If you think riding in cars with inexperienced drivers is scary, imagine accidentally boarding a plane with an illegal object.


**Leah Prinzivalli writes on her stoop in New York City. Her dreams include writing about milkshakes for a milkshake-themed website, and she is halfway there. If you’ve ever Googled a dessert, follow Leah on Twitter @leahprinz.