My Husband’s Birthday


The husband’s birthday. I knew I did well this year. I got his present and found THE best hiding place. He will never accidentally find it this year, I thought.

The day of his birthday, I was gathering together the cards and putting up balloons for when he would arrive home from work and went to get my awesome gift from the equally awesome hiding place. But upon a search, it was not where I thought it was. This awesome hiding place was so good, I couldn’t even find it! I spent ALL day looking for it, tearing up the house, panic increasing as I realized that this present must have literally grown legs and walked right out my front door.

I regrettably had to inform my husband that his present was somewhere in the house, and if he can find it, he can have it.

Turns out he found it right before Father’s Day. Fabulous timing. Happy Birthday/Fathers Day!

(photo courtesy of Olga Oliynik/