Hula Prank


My younger sister and I are fans of anything Hawaiian. We love visiting the Hawaiian Islands so much! Having both been on vacation there several times always puts a smile on our faces! A few weeks ago, my sister sent me a text message, while I was feeling a bit down. Our 18 year old is off to university and will be leaving the nest soon. In her text message, she told me to hurry and get to my computer as soon as possible!

My sister said, “You have to buy this cool pair of underwear. They have cute hula girls all over them and they are limited edition from Victoria’s Secret!” Boy was I excited. They were on sale for $3.99 a pair. I raced to my computer. I looked on the Victoria secret website and it said that the hula girl underwear were all sold out. I was bummed!

A few minutes later, my sister told me that on eBay those same hula girl undies were selling for $200 a pair. I messaged my sister right away and said, “What? That’s it! I am going to the mall tomorrow and I will buy tons of the hula girl underwear from Victoria’s secret. I will get as many pairs as I can to sell on eBay!” My sister messaged me back and said, “Great idea. You better go to all the malls!”

We had gone shopping to Victoria’s Secret a few days before, and I had bought her a pair of underwear with hula girls on them. I forgot to give them to her, as they were in my shopping bag when we parted ways. Not even ten minutes later she messages me, “Wait a minute. What did the underwear look like that you bought me?” I panicked! She said, “You had better find them sis! They could be selling on eBay right now for $200 a pair!” At that moment I thought, “Oh no!” I forgot where I had put them.

I texted my sister back saying I couldn’t find the underwear anywhere. At this point I was frantically running around the house searching everywhere. In rolls another text message from my sister, “Well did you find the underwear you bought for me?” “No, I’m sorry,” I told her. I panicked and felt awful that I misplaced my sister’s new undies.

Still feeling bummed, I just went and watched some TV. I sat there thinking, the undies I bought for my sis, could also be the same ones selling on eBay for $200 ! Ugh! I told my sister I had looked everywhere in my house for the pair I had bought her. No luck.

Several hours later she texted me and said, “Go look on your dining room table in the glass vase.” What? I walk over and sure enough, the hula girl pair of underwear were in the vase! The ones I had bought her at Victoria’s Secret! So my hubby had been in this prank with my sister the whole time. He had sent her a message hours before to play a little trick on me (which I fell for, of course). He had found the pair of underwear I had bought for my sister in our recycling trash bin outside. Oops!

They were wrapped in the Victoria’s Secret tissue. I had accidentally tossed them out. My sister sure played it up with me. Also that her “lost” pair could be selling for $200 a pair on eBay, I felt super bad I had lost her hula pair. Meanwhile hubby had found them hours before in the garbage.

I sure believed my sister that the hula undies were selling on eBay for $200 a pair! I was all set to drive to 4 different malls all over town the next morning to buy loads of the “hula underwear” to sell on eBay!

(illustration courtesy of Anastasliagreen/