Q&A Tuesday*: How Can I be Taller?


Today on Q&A Tuesday, Angus as takes us in the opposite direction of last week’s question, “How I can I be shorter?” with

Question: “How can I be taller?”


Thank you Angus.  And thank you for also asking, “Can’t you just donate some of your height?  Is there such thing as a height transplant?”

Thanks also to Riss who expressed interest in this topic, as well as Erin who inquired “for the sake of all vertically challenge people like us!”

First, I think anybody interested in being taller might consider ignoring all of last week’s advice on getting shorter and try the opposite.

— Wear matching tops and bottoms and avoid patterns and stripes.

— Where shoes with thick sole and thick socks.

— Grow your hair out.

— Stop lifting anything heavy.  This includes but is not limited to suitcases, furniture, appliances, gold bullion, and young children.

— Practice good posture.

— And for certain, do not, I repeat, do not get your head chopped off in a guillotine. That will cost you 5-7 inches that you will NEVER be able to make up.

I checked out Wikihow, and they have some ideas which I feel I can fully endorse– or variants of such ideas– well maybe I can’t endorse some or perhaps any of them.  You decide.

— Wear really tall hats.

— Go back to puberty, and get a lot of exercise.

— Wear tighter clothes to “accentuate the lines of your body”… uh no thanks.

Last week, I forgot to mention that we lose some height naturally as we age.  Therefore, if one wants to get shorter, one should grow older faster.  As we are addressing getter taller this week, the recommendation that follows logically is to not grow older– which of course works well with going back to puberty and exercising… if in fact that will help.

Angus, as to “Can’t you just donate some of your height?”  I see no reason why not, assuming you can find a willing recipient.  And I also see no reason why you can’t get a tax deduction for your donation.  And I’m not giving tax advice, but one needs to be careful not to take too big a deduction as donation of property (and I’m pretty sure that height is is a piece of property and not money) is limited to 30% of your Adjusted Gross Income.

And “Is there such thing as a height transplant?”  Yes, have you ever been to or watched a professional basketball game on television.  Those people have all been the beneficiary of height transplants.

But Angus, Riss, Erin, and all who feel “vertically challenged”, as I noted before, I believe President Abraham Lincoln would likely have answered the question, “How tall should a person be” by saying, “Long enough for his legs to reach the ground.”

(Photo © Flynt | Dreamstime.com – Growing Up Taller Than A Dinosaur Photo)


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