Household Open Door Policy


Privacy issues. You’ve been through them and I could tell that you’re really starting to grow up when privacy has become one of your main concerned. Let me show you the how and why.

A newly installed folding door in our bathroom didn’t have a lock every time our eleven-year-old son took a bath, he posted a note on the door: “A $10 fine for anyone who opens the door!” Another note was added by his nine-year-old brother: “A $1 penalty for anyone who opens the door!”

A year later our elder son increased his penalty to $100, and the younger one raised his’ to $10. The third year, when our younger son was eleven, she upped her penalty to $100. Soon, when our elder son entered secondary school, his note became a protest: “Dad, please install a new door!”

This is a trend guys!

(photo courtesy of Dariusz Kopestynski/