Can You Give Me A Hot Tip at the Track?


December 13, 2014– My Dearest Secret Diary, although I actually have never been to the track, I like to talk about the track as follows:

Needless to say when talking about the track, my motives are pure: laughter and money!

What I’ll do (sometimes) when beginning a conversation, ending a conversation, or even in the middle of a conversation is ask: “Hey I could use some extra change, can you give me a hot tip at the track.”

I often find this effective with friends, colleagues, toll booth collectors, customer service representatives, other peoples’ grandparents, etc.

And as the NY State Lottery slogan goes, “Hey, You Never Know.”  Actually, in my case, you do. 🙁 🙂


(Photo © Transnirvana | – Horce Racing Photo)