Home Alone


My husband travels a lot for work so I am used to being alone in the house and checking out any odd noises. In this particular instance, my husband was home, and I was so sick, full of the flu and had crashed out on the couch with a heavy cold medicine to help me sleep.

Someone trying to get in the front door woke me up and I was not happy. Feeling groggy from the medicine, and full of a cold, I felt like an angry bear being woken up from hibernation. Forgetting that my husband was home, I was so angry that somebody, anybody, had woken me up and they were going to feel my wrath. I grabbed whatever was closest, the TV remote… I really don’t know what I planned to do with that… threaten to change the channel to QVC? I had no idea who was having so much trouble trying to open the door lock. I saw my son’s lightsaber, grabbed it and felt slightly more prepared. The person finally unlocked the door and stepped inside. Without another thought I swung the lightsaber at the intruder and hoped they would turn and flee as I was SO tired and needed sleep. Instead they fell to the floor, holding their eye and it was at that point I realized it was my husband who I had forgotten was home due to my cold medicine haze.

He ended up with a black eye, which he had to explain to his work colleagues, which they have never let him forget. And we had to explain it to our son who I am always telling not to hit anyone with the lightsaber. Now the lightsaber is packed away. It’s clearly too dangerous for our family to handle.

(photo courtesy of Lybil Ber/Dreamstime.com)