Last week, my wife, Lori and I flew from Wisconsin to Arizona for a weekend of fun and sun.  Just as our section was called to board the plane, I walked over to throw away my gum. There was a lady sitting next to the trash can so being the polite guy that I am, I took the gum out of my mouth rather than just spit it out….and that’s when it started.

The gum stuck to my forefinger, so I tried to used my thumb to flick it off. Then it stuck to my thumb so I tried to flick it off with my middle finger.  Yes, it stuck to that one too.  I tried to wipe it onto the liner of garbage can, but it stuck there as well and before I knew it, I had gum all over my hand.  I looked around to find that I had acquired a large audience.

I walked back to where I was sitting and ripped a small corner off my newspaper as Lori pretended not to know me.  I walked to another garbage can (since I was already humiliated by the first one) and proceeded to try to get it off.  This just made it worse, because now it’s all over both hands and there’s little pieces of newspaper stuck to it.   I looked like Buster Keaton in a papier mache skit.  At this point, Lori has cut off all acknowledgement of being with me so I’m totally on my own.  With an airport full of people watching me, I got enough of the gum off or covered in print to grab what was left of my paper and board the plane.

I had most of it off somewhere over Nashville, Tennessee.

(photo courtesy of Idea Go/