Looking For A New Date Idea? What About Grand Theft Ice Cream?

Grand Theft Ice Cream

Taking your date out for ice cream, although a tried and true date idea, is not the most original one.  But we have a new twist on the old idea that could lead to a really memorable date: “Grand Theft Ice Cream!”

Instead of going out for a scoop or two, why not go after the whole truck?  You’ll either get a load of ice cream or end up in handcuffs.  Your date will remember this outing forever.

OK, just kidding.  Don’t hijack an ice cream truck.  If you do, bad things will happen to you.  Be playful, and suggest doing “Grand Theft Ice Cream.”  But don’t do it.  Settle for the corner creamery, and enjoy a couple of scoops or even better yet a milkshake!