Gourmet Medicine

GourmetMedicineWhen I was a teen, I bussed tables at Shores Orchard Downs. Shores was a a very highly touted gourmet restaurant at the time.  I was bussing a table of 4 or 5 couples when one of the gentlemen at the table called me over.  He whispered a request for some Anacin to me.  Anacin was a popular aspirin-like product at the time so I assumed that he had a headache and was trying not to spoil his evening out.

I went over to the bartender and asked if he had any Anacin that I could offer the gentlemen.  The bartender had Bayer aspirin and put two tablets in a bar glass for me to bring over.  I discretely brought the Bayer aspirin to the gentlemen without disturbing the rest of the table.  The gentlemen looked at the two aspirin in the bottom of the glass and started laughing hysterically–his eyes were watering he was laughing so hard!

I was mortified… what was so funny?  Did he think it was funny that I was offering Bayer aspirin instead of Anacin?  I was without a clue and felt terrible. He finally tried to utter, between fits of hysterical laughter, that he asked for Anisette (a liquor that my middle class upbringing did not expose me to) not Anacin!

I hate the taste of Anisette to this day…..coincidence?


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