God’s Love in a Rainbow


On a beautiful day, we as a family decided to drive down the freeway to one of our favorite burger joint in the next town. My three year old son, Evan, was as excited as any child his age would be. However, it was something else that really caught his fancy during the ride.

A big rainbow suddenly appeared across the sky and really left us all in awe. It was one of the best rainbows I had seen in ages. Evan, who was sitting at the back was gaping at it without a sound for a few seconds before he finally decided to ask is about it.

“Mom, What is that in the sky?”

As I pulled over like many ahead of us to take a good look at it, Martha explained to him that it is a rainbow and God made it for all the beautiful people on this planet to show that he loves us.

“But how did God make this? It is so big and beautiful.”

“He painted it with his paintbrush just like you do in school Evan,” I pitched in with my own words of wisdom not knowing that I just put my foot in my own mouth.

“Dad, Where did God get such huge ladder to reach to the top?”

(photo courtesy of Yoshiyuki Kaneko/Dreamstime.com)