Girl Meets Hummus

GirlMeetsHummusTo kick off a unit on Mesopotamia in sixth grade, my teachers treated us to a day of ancient style feasting. The buffet had reliable favorites like apples and pears and foods my young self had never seen before like couscous and figs.

As an eleven year-old, my brain went haywire at the hummus tray. I wanted to put both my hands in it and just squish. I wanted to use it to glue my troll eraser to my favorite pencil. I wanted to smear it on my crush’s butt. What I was certainly not going to do was eat it. I had already made the mistake of attempting to eat a pomegranate, a pretty complicated fruit for a middle schooler. I didn’t take any chances in the buffet line and avoided what could be an outright prank.

Back at my table, my friend Samantha was digging in to a huge serving of – you guessed it – hummus. I pointed at the goop, surprised, “I didn’t know you were Mesopotamian!”

(photo of girl courtesy of Michael Marcol/


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