Fun And Profit At the Doctor’s


February 15, 2015– Dear Secret Diary, continuing a theme, I really do like to do what I can to ease my nervousness and have some fun at the Dr’s.

I had my annual physical this past week, and the Dr. noticed a mole on my back.  Nothing to worry about Diary he said, but as it is in a spot I can’t see, he did want a dermatologist to look at it and track it over time.    When I suggested my wife could do this, he said no need for her to be bothered.

Nonetheless, I did want her to check it out and take a picture of it so I could see it as well.  To make sure she knew where to look and point the camera, I gave him a pen and asked him to draw a circle around the mole.  After he did this, I asked him to autograph his work so I could sell his signature on eBay.  Although he declined, he clearly enjoyed a Milkshake Moment, laughing and noting, “that’s a good one.”  Diary, his having fun made me very happy.

PS.  Sir or Madam, If you have found, unlocked, and are inappropriately reading My Secret Diary,

a) Tisk, tisk, and

b) Knowing that there are folks out there like you who read other folks’ private and secret diaries, I did not include in this diary entry the picture that my wife took… You’re welcome.