First Day of School

SchoolBusBack in the early ’90’s we were a young family of five. Our three children were raised on Sesame Street and Disney VHS tapes. As time passed our oldest child, Zachary, finally was ready to go to kindergarten.

Of course my wife shopped for the perfect outfit, and the right lunch box, etc and finally the day came. There we were, standing at the end of our driveway with several other Mom’s and Dad’s waiting for the bus. Zachary was very excited and several of the neighborhood children added to his excitement.

The bus finally arrived, and all the other children bounded up the steps. Zachary looked up those three big steps, and then looked back at us with a forlorn look of terror mixed with a healthy dose of separation anxiety. The other children took him under their wing and he settled in.

Of course I was having my own separation anxiety issues so I followed behind the bus and met Zachary as he got off the bus at his new elementary school one mile away. His bus ride was uneventful and he seemed very pleased with himself. I brought him to his classroom and made sure he was settled before I eventually had to leave.

Dinner that night was filled with stories of kindergarten. His sister Emily and brother Alex listened intently to their big brother’s day of excitement. “All in a days work” he seemed to say. After we cleaned up the kitchen we announced that it was time for baths and to get ready for bed, after all Zachary has to be well rested for Kindergarten tomorrow. Zachary looked at us straight face with a look a bewilderment and said, “You mean I have to do that again?”


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_____________________________________________________________________________________ **Mike Tomasik is a mild mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper fighting a never ending battle for truth, justice and the American Flag. Ok not really, he’s just your typical loving father of 4 kids.