How to Get Smarter Looking Feet

Freudian SlippersFor all you college graduates out there, you’ve probably been exposed to one or maybe more of those dense and mandatory Philosophy 101 classes.  And even if you haven’t, you’ve probably heard of Sigmund Freud.  You know, they guy who discovered that we all love our moms and dads a little too much?

Philosophical concepts can be hard to wrap your mind around, and even if you do, they can seem strange and unnatural.  Luckily, there are some clever people out there who bring this bigger thinking down to the ground.  Specifically, around your feet.FreudBlueprintTake, for instance, these “Freudian Slippers”, advertised as “the slippers of your dreams.”  These slippers can’t vouch that you understood anything your professor said in Philosophy101, but they certainly make you (or at least your feet) look smarter.

Interested in accessorizing with more fun philosophy gear? Check out the Unemployed Philosophers Guild website,  Don’t repress the urge, every Mom, Dick, and Harry will love it!


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