Frequently Asked Questions

Did you do your homework?  Where do babies come from?  Did you call your mother?  These are questions we can’t help you with.  But perhaps we can help you with the following frequently asked questions:

1) Does the Home Page include all stories?    

No.  There are many other places you can find stories and submissions.  On the right hand side bar of the website, you can check out The Big Milkshake’s Secret Diary, Featured Posts, Popular Posts, searches by categories, and/or searches by author (found at the bottom of the site).  The Newsletter also provides content alert and differentiated stories.  As most stories have many categories, you may find the same story on different areas of the site and through any number of searches.  

2) How do I submit a story? 

Simply click right here or go to the “Share Your Stories” tab on the navigation bar.

3) In the submission guidelines, it says that I can’t post a “fake photo,” but some of the posts use staged and licensed photos…What gives?!

We ask that you please not submit any fake photographs that are directly a part of the story itself.  The only staged and licensed photos we incorporate simply accompany the original, true story.

4) I submitted a story…now what?

Thanks for your effort to spread smiles!  Right now, the quickest way to see if your story was posted is to visit the Author page at the bottom of the site to see if your name or most recent submission has been added. We’re working as hard as we can to get through all of the user-shared content with the goal of contacting everybody who submits.  

5) How do I post a comment?

By clicking on “leave a message” at the bottom of a post, you will be prompted to login either via a preexisting social media account (by using the icons on the left), or by simply giving us your name and email address.  We use a popular third party commenting platform called DISQUS. You can choose to register with DISQUS by clicking the box “Register with DISQUS” located under the email box. To learn more about DISQUS, you can visit  Please note, you do not have to register with DISQUS in order to post a comment.

6) Why can’t I see the comment that I just posted? 

If you submit a comment without a verifiable e-mail address, we go through an approval process before posting your comment to the site.  (Please note: As allowed by the Terms of Use, we have the right to remove any comment from the site at any time.)  

7) How can I get notified when people reply to my comment or comment on my story?

At the very bottom left hand corner of the page, you can click on “subscribe” in order to receive email notification to all other comments on that particular story.  Click on it again to unsubscribe.

8) How do I report a comment? 

Hover your mouse in the upper right hand corner of the comment you’d like to flag.  A small arrow pointing down will appear.  Click that, and you will have the option to flag the comment as inappropriate.  

9) What are “Popular Posts”

Popular posts are stories with the most total page views in the past week, in other words posts most viewed by folks spending time on the Site.

10) I still have a question!  HELP!

Fear not! Simply go to our contact page to ask your specific question.