Experience A Natural Disaster At A Mall Near You

hurricane simulator

When I was a teen, I LOVED going to the mall.  My Girl Scout Troop once proposed an overnight field trip there, which I thought was an amazing idea.  While the  Boy Scouts were reading hiking maps and deciphering animal tracks, the Girl Scouts were learning their way around the backlit mall directory.  But seriously, who really needs to know the difference between deer tracks and moose tracks?  It was much more realistic to know where to get the best going-back-to-school gear and how to make hot pretzels.

But as I grew up, I learned there was more to life than hanging out at the mall.  There was more to experience than a mere Labor Day Sale or BOGO deal.  The mall could not provide you with the unknown factors of life that help you evolve and grow as a person.

Until now.

Now, the local mall has a hurricane simulator for just $2.  After experiencing the trauma of the high-powered fan, I suggest you head to Jamba Juice in the food court to recover with their Pomegrante Pick-Me-Up Smoothie.