Easy Commute


A first day on the job is always an adventure, I suppose. But the commute? Surely that should be the easiest, most routine part. Not for this guy. A few years back, I had just accepted a job with a company that was located right in the middle of downtown Des Moines.

Everything started out well enough. I made it downtown alright and got to my building without any problems… But then I had to park. I realized I had no idea where to park. In order to park there at the building, you had to have a badge. There was a visitors lot that I could park at but they must have paved that with invisible concrete because I could not find it for the life of me.

Time was quickly turning against me as I kept circling the building the minutes racing towards eight o’clock. And I still didn’t have a parking spot. I was going to be late on my first day. Swell, right? Finally, there on the right I found a small little driveway that led to a parking lot. I quickly turned in and was completely surprised when I was jostled in my seat so hard that I almost hit my head on the roof.

Turns out that I did not find a driveway, but rather a sidewalk. My car roared over the curb and across the sidewalk I went. Though I realized my mistake quickly, I would have much rather not made the mistake at all. I quickly got off the sidewalk and found myself in a parking lot. The only problem? It was a gated parking lot that I was not supposed to be in. So my only option? That’s right. The sidewalk that I came in on.

As I am driving back out, I encountered one of my new fellow employees on his way into the building. I have no idea what must have been going through his head as he saw me drive by. Here he is probably still just waking up, drinking coffee to adjust to the Monday morning and all of a sudden he sees a green car coming towards him on the sidewalk. And what did I do? I just waved at him as I drove by and shrugged my shoulders. That’s social protocol for driving on the sidewalk, right?

Fortunately, during that slight detour, I found the visitors parking lot and got settled in just in time with no one the wiser. Well, except for the one gentlemen I passed on the sidewalk. I can only imagine what that guy told his coworkers when he got to his desk.

(photo courtesy of Constantin Opris/Dreamstime.com)