Dressed For The Occasion


It was one of those days. It didn’t help that it was rainy and cold. I was frantically trying to get the kids out of the house on time, to do kindergarten drop off, and my three-year-old was not co-operating.

He thought he was being helpful by dressing himself. Pajamas would have been okay with me at this point. But he came down the stairs dressed in what he thought was appropriate attire. I stared. He stared right back at me. Not one word was said, until he said, “I’m ready to go and play in puddles.”

He was dressed in flip flops, swim shorts, gloves and hat. That’s it. I was not happy.  We had to be out the door, and he was refusing to at least wear something warm. My husband had perfect timing and walked through the door on his lunch break.  I sent him right back out to do the kindergarten drop off.

Meanwhile, I sat in our now quiet house with my three year old in his snow hat and swim shorts.  Why did he have to be so difficult? And then it made sense as he tried to explain.  It was cold so he was wearing hat and gloves but it was wet like a splash pad so he had on swim trunks and flip flops. Made perfect sense. He really couldn’t understand why I was being so difficult when he had dressed perfectly for the occasion.