Regular Doctor Visit


When I took my son for his 9 month check up, the Doctor said he seemed to be developing fine. My son had been learning to explore the full range of his voice. So I wasn’t completely surprised when a weird, ungodly noise roared out of him. It sounded like a Velociraptor with heavy asthma. The Doctor slowly looked round from his desk and said; “What… was… that?” I smiled sheepishly and said; “Um… He does that a lot.” The Doctor turned back to his desk and continued to make notes. “I think your son’s possessed”, he offered. “Don’t worry, you can get an Exorcist for that.” So I asked; “is that covered under my insurance?” Without looking round the Doctor said; “It depends if you’re PPO or HMO”.

(photo courtesy of Wessel Du Plooy/