In addition to Alan, I dedicate Smiles For All to…

Chocolate Malt Shake, My Better Two-Thirds and Love of My Life

Sweetheart, you always bring a smile to my face and also serve humanity so beautifully by making sure I never take myself too seriously.  For the former, although not the latter, I am most grateful.

Our Teenage Son


Note: following proper protocol, when I wrote “whatever”, I scowled, rolled my eyes, and flashed the “whatever sign” with my fingers.


Yes, that is Big Bird on the right.

My boy, now that you are driving, I am pleased that I no longer have to hear you urge,  “Drive faster!” I am pleased (albeit with some mixed feelings) that you can drive the golf ball 70 yards by me.  And I love how you crack me up.

Oh, and on the outside chance you actually read this sentence, please know that you have helped me to experience a joy I never imagined possible.

My Parents 

I am sure it must be hard for you that I chose for a Nom de Plume, namely The Big Milkshake.  But I definitely think it is better than the new name you chose for me, “Former Son”.

But Mom and Dad (or “Milk” and “Ice-Cream” as I now think of you), no matter what you say or call me, “I WILL NOT CHANGE MY NAME BACK!  AND YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!”

Also, the CSI crime lab has found your DNA all over that which I treasure in my life.

And Last But Not Least, Maxwell Smart, Control Agent 86

Max, thank you for protecting our country and keeping us laughing at the same time!   You showed the children that not only do hard work and laughter make a wonderful couple but also that laughter helps us to complete our serious work.  For setting this example, our country owes you a debt of gratitude we will never be able to repay.  Looking forward to our beer on Wednesday.

 Love and Thanks,

The Big Milkshake